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Check out our Cape Epic Guide, the story of our 4 past Cape Epic successes. Find out all our epic training secrets.

Epic 2012 Race Report

A day to day account of the 8 days of riding to get to the finish line at Lourensford in our Cape Epic 2012 race report

Epic Race Experiences

Returning after 4 year break from riding posed its own new challenges. It was like doing our first one with alot of uncertainty and nerves, these are our experiences and tips

Training & Bikes

Training, bike choices, equipment tyres, energy drinks and supplements. The prep for an epic is always a huge challenge in its self. After finalising our entry a little late we opted for a new and different training plan to that which we had used before. Our bike choice was the Morewood Zula.

Videos & Podcasts

As Team OFM we did some daily interviews for OFM Radio during the race from the race villages. We also put together a video from one of our training rides.

ABSA Cape Epic 2012

Absa Cape Epic 2012 was a race of extremes, we experienced extreme heat, gale force winds, freezing cold and rain. All of that mixed in with the usual Epic distances, climbs, descents and unrelenting terrain. It was a tough way to clinch our 5th epic finish and crossing that finish line in Lourensford was sweeter than ever.

Here is our traditional pic with winners Christoph Sauser and Burry Stander. Read about our 4 previous epics in The Epic Guide.

Team OFM Epic 2012 Race Report

Race Experience and Tips

Team OFM finish strong after a cautious start. After a 4 year layoff at times we felt like being back at our first epic. Unsure at times of what to expect and wondering how we would do after last riding in 2008. It was interesting and as usual with every epic that you ride we learned some new lessons. check out our race tips

Race Report

This race was about a battle against the route and the weather. With long days in the saddle and extreme conditions it was the ultimate test of endurance and will power. Race Report.

Race Photos and Video

Check out the podcasts from Cape Epic 2012 as well as our Team OFM training Video


Team OFM Absa Cape Epic 2012 Preparation

Cape Epic 2012 Preparation
Preparation for this event was important as always but we had some challenges and made some changes from previous years. We kept track of our progress, so what training program we followed.

For ABSA Cape Epic 2012 we elected to go with Morewood Zula bikes because they are strong, light and awesome to ride. Checkout our bikes and other equipment choices.



Cape Epic Training

Team Profile

Alan Cotton
Age: 42 
Bike: Morewood Zula
Years cycling:  18
Years racing:  11 

Albert Retief
Age: 40
Bike: Morewood Zula 
Years cycling: 12 
Years racing: 10 



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