Are you sitting in the drivers seat or the passenger seat of your life?


It’s a tough and revealing question that you should be able to answer honestly and quickly. However if you um and ah then you probably need to read on because you are complicating things.

In an increasingly complicated and fast paced world it is easy to lose track of simple concepts and ideas. Sometimes it seems like everything is becoming more complicated than it was. There are so many choices and options, there are so many views and opinions. To some extent this is true but at the end of the day we are still all living on the same planet, essentially doing similar things by interacting with each other.

The time frame for human life on earth is minute compared to the age of the earth and the universe. From a human change perspective it appears that the change that has happened in human memory is significant especially in recent decades. However if you distil it down to the basics then the fundamentals are still the same. In one sense the problem is that with more continuous information available it can be difficult to see the fundamentals. However with a different point of view it can actually be easier to see the basic simple principles of life. You are overwhelmed with choices and may feel like the way the world is and the problems that exist in the world are the cause of your situation.

One of those basics in life is accepting responsibility for yourself. Our history is filled with examples of oppression of peoples views and freedoms. During these tragic historic events people would have been controlled and manipulated and the argument is that they were robbed of their freedom of thought and action. In the most aggressive form of incarceration a person is imprisoned with limited to no freedom of movement and varying amounts of mental control or abuse. This has happened on large scale to masses of people simultaneously and at an individual level. By any persons account, situations like this can be understandably destructive and detrimental to the ability of a person to act for themselves and take responsibility.

However our history is also filled with examples of great people who have overcome the seemingly impossible odds to control their destinies. So no matter how difficult it seems the fact that some people, in fact probably millions of people are able to do this, means that it is possible for all of us after all.

It all starts deep inside you in the human spirit and in your mind. Your mind and spirit can be influenced from outside by someone else but only if you allow that to happen. That decision ultimately lies with you. In order for this to happen you need to be honest with yourself, see things as they are and have clarity of the situation. This is where the complexity can cloud your judgement. Its that decision as to whether this or that external factor should be considered in determining your reaction. In my experience this is something to consider, but regardless of your conclusion the fact is that it is always your decision as to how you will react to this external factor. You cannot lay this blame with the external factor. The brutal truth is that nobody else can control your mind or spirit except you.

This realisation is the single biggest factor that can change everything and anything in your life. It is a very simple concept that has far reaching and life changing consequences. For some people they have this inherently for others it can become a realisation, but for most it is like exercise that will need to be done regularly and consistently through some sort of mind power intervention. In my life experience it is this realisation and acceptance that everything that you do is your decision. Of course you cannot always control everything that happens to you all the time, but you can always control your reaction and decision to what happens to you. If you are always aware of this and you proactively exercise this responsibility over yourself you will start to take control of the steering wheel of your life rather than being a passenger.

In fact now more than ever the opportunity to accept responsibility and drive your life is even more achievable. With the internet and abundant access to information the barriers to accessing information, meeting people, making connections, learning new skills are significantly more accessible than ever before. So all that complexity and information is just another opportunity to accept more responsibility and do something about it.

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