Lifehacks is born

So after many years of creating many websites on various topics I am finally starting a blog. I want to document all the crazy ideas I get and share the lessons in life I continue to learn. For now it is just a brief few lines to get this off the ground. I have called it life hacks because that is what it feels like right now. There just seems to be so much information going around these days on every topic under the sun. With more information comes more understanding and more enlightenment. The consequence is that many of the gospel truths that I have always lived by are being turned upside down, thrown out the window, becoming irrelevant or just don’t make sense anymore. The “respectable” media houses are in a battle with the “unknown” individuals who now have a voice thanks to all the publishing platforms.

I will pick out those themes that I call Lifehacks because they challenge how we have been taught to live and be successful and be happy and be healthy.

The two main sites that I created many years ago  and continue to maintain very infrequently are MTBOnline – Mountain Bike South Africa and LandyOnline – Land Rovers in Africa.

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