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Cape Epic Planning and Preparation


When we first started riding our mountain bikes many years back we never imagined racing, never mind stage racing. Many things have happened since then to get two average guys to ride a mountain bike stage race several times. It is a long but fun and interesting road we have travelled achievable by anyone who decides that this is what they want to do.

Discovering the Mountain Biking Lifestyle - How you go from weekend warrior to Cape Epic finisher.

The Magic of the Cape Epic - It is a mountain bike race that captures the imagination and keeps you coming back for more.

The Epic Decision and Getting in - Deciding to do it is one thing, then actually getting an entry is another - if you really want to ride, you will.

Choosing a Partner - Its a team event so you must choose carefully, there are a few tips and tricks to getting it right or wrong.

The Real Cost - What does it really cost to do the Epic and can you afford not to do it?

Getting Sponsorship - In the age of blogging and reality TV there is no excuse for average Joe not to get sponsored.


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