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Heart Rate Training Basics
Heart Rate Training Program
Epic Mountain Bike Training Plan

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Training for Mountain Bike Stage Race


Training for a mountain bike stage race with multi day riding places huge demands on your body. Especially if you have never done it before and are not used to it. However with a systematic training plan and proper health and nutrition we have been able to successfully complete several Cape Epic races. Using Polar heart rate training programs and doing multiday training camps and long training rides we have come up with a winning formula to enjoying Cape Epic and finishing every time.

Health and Nutrition - Demanding training requires lots of energy and a healthy body, expert advice and learning more is the secret. 

Calorie Counting and Goal Weight - Getting down to race weight while training and eating like a horse can be challenging.

Heart Rate Training Basics - Understand the basics of heart rate based training and design your own training plans.

Heart Rate Training Program - This is the core to your training plan and is like having your own personal coach.

Epic Mountain Bike Training Plan - A complete plan including distance, multi-day rides and lots of climbing will get you through.


We have used proven Polar heart rate based training programs.
Cape Epic 2008 training
Cape Epic 2007 training
Cape Epic 2006 training
Cape Epic 2005 training

If you have specific questions or comments then contact us, or discuss and share your experiences and advice for others to see at the Epic Guide Discussion.

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