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Mountain Bike Lifestyle
Multi Day Stage Races
Why do the Epic
Choosing a Partner
The Real Cost
How to get sponsorship


Health and Nutrition
Calorie count and goal weight
Heart Rate Training Basics
Heart Rate Training Program
Epic Mountain Bike Training Plan
We have used proven Polar heart rate based training programs.
Cape Epic 2008 training
Cape Epic 2005 training
Cape Epic 2006 training
Cape Epic 2007 training
Cape Epic 2012 training


Cape Epic Race Strategy
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Cape Epic Support Crew


Cape Epic videos and photos are great memories and story tellers Cape Epic 2005 photos
Cape Epic 2006 photos and video Cape Epic 2007 photos 
Cape Epic 2008 photos & video
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Team Websites

Cape Epic 2012 - Team OFM
Cape Epic 2008 - Team BBB
Cape Epic 2007 - Team Subaru
Cape Epic 2006 - Team Subaru
Cape Epic 2005 - Team Plan A


An Epic Training Guide with Tips, Advice & Experience

The Cape Epic mountain bike stage race has practically turned into a way of life for us. We never thought we would be able to finish one, and yet here we are, four in a row, and more on the horizon! What started as a couple of pages covering our first attempt at the Cape Epic has become a rather large and well visited Cape Epic tips, advice and experience resource. We share our experience and advice because one thing is for sure, the more you know the more you will enjoy it.

Who are we and why should you care? We are not elites with super genes or professors in sports science. Our advice is based on real world experience that we have kept track of over 9 years and 5 Epic events. If you want real mountain biking advice then see The Sunscreen Song for Mountain Bikers.

Cape Epic Planning and Preparation

Discovering the Mountain Biking Lifestyle - How you go from weekend warrior to Cape Epic finisher.

The Magic of the Cape Epic - It is a mountain bike race that captures the imagination and keeps you coming back for more.

The Epic Decision and Getting in - Deciding to do it is one thing, then actually getting an entry is another - if you really want to ride, you will.

Choosing a Partner - Its a team event so you must choose carefully, there are a few tips and tricks to getting it right or wrong.

The Real Cost - What does it really cost to do the Epic and can you afford not to do it?

Getting Sponsorship - In the age of blogging and reality TV there is no excuse for average Joe not to get sponsored.


Training for Mountain Bike Stage Race

Health and Nutrition - Demanding training requires lots of energy and a healthy body, expert advice and learning more is the secret. 

Calorie Counting and Goal Weight - Getting down to race weight while training and eating like a horse can be challenging.

Heart Rate Training Basics - Understand the basics of heart rate based training and design your own training plans.

Heart Rate Training Program - This is the core to your training plan and is like having your own personal coach.

Epic Mountain Bike Training Plan - A complete plan including distance, multi-day rides and lots of climbing will get you through.

Riding the Cape Epic - Race Day

How to Ride the Cape Epic - Three riding strategies that we believe can and do work.

Cape Epic Websites

We will be riding as Team BBB in 2008, visit our team website to see more. Browse through our websites for 2005, 2006 and 2007 races to see race reports and photos and videos of the events. We documented our training and preparation and discussed our bike and equipment choices.

The Cape Epic Race

The Magical and Untamed Mountain Bike Race The Cape Epic is a 900km 8 day mountain bike race from Knysna to Cape Town. This is the ultimate mountain bike race in South Africa and one of the best in the world.  

The Cape Epic takes place every year in April. It starts in the beautiful Garden Route town of Knysna and finishes eight days later in style at Lourensford Wine Estate, just outside Cape Town. The route changes every year, and leads aspiring amateur and professional mountain bikers from around the world through approximately 900 kilometres of the unspoilt nature of the Western Cape and across some of the most magnificent passes in South Africa.

The Cape Epic is possibly the Holy Grail of Mountain biking. 900 like-minded enthusiasts in the same place for eight unbelievable days of back to back racing. Some are there to win, some are there to survive to the end. Regardless of your goals it is an experience of a lifetime. This unique event gives all riders the opportunity to ride some of the best off-road tracks in the world, together with the world’s best riders! 

The Cape Epic is the biggest full service mountain bike stage race in the world; and is right up there with the others being the Trans Alp Challenge, Trans Rockies, Australia outback and the La Ruta de los Conquistadores Costa Rica. These are true endurance events that test mind, body and equipment. To participate in, experience and complete an event like this is a huge accomplishment in itself. 

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