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Subaru Sabie Classic 2006 
Crater Cruise 2005  
Subaru Mountain Biking
Subaru committed to the outdoors 

Race Report

Read our day to day account of our ride in the Cape Epic 2006 race report 
Also checkout True Confessions of a Cape Epic Junkie, the story from our Subaru support crew.

Training & preparation

We will be running two Polar heart rate based training programs. The first a 12 hour 12 week program from October to end December and then a 15 hour 16 week program from Jan 2006 up to the EPIC.... read more...

Bikes & Equipment

This year we will both be on the same make of bike. After Albert's success with his RDS 9.0 last year we are both riding a Raleigh RDS 9.0 in 2006.... read more...

Video and photos

Click here for video downloads and photos of the Cape Epic 2006, as well as our training races and other pics.

Cape Epic Pages

Check out links to our other Cape Epic pages for 2006 and 2007.

CAPE EPIC 2006 - Success again

We did it again, had a blast riding our bikes and finishing the Cape Epic 2006. The event was tough and long with Day 1 and 7 being real testers. But our training and preparation paid off and we had a good ride in the end. After getting a photo with 2005 winner Bart Brentjens last year we had to do the same again this year. So we tracked down Christoph at Spier and he was only too happy to give us a photo. Christoph Sauser together with Specialized Team mate Silvio Bundi  won most stages and the event comfortably. For more info on how our race went read our Cape Epic race report also the bike reviews and check the photos and videos

Cape Epic 2006 with Christoph Sauser 

CAPE EPIC 2006 is here !!!

With 6 months of training behind us and great support from our sponsors Barloworld Subaru we are ready for Cape Epic 2006. After a total of over 6500km of training and 60 000 meters of climbing we will line up at the start line on 22 April with 8 magic filled days of mountain biking ahead of us. We ran two successful training programs, some great training camps, memories of great training rides and now our bikes are serviced and ready to roll, the bags are packed and the Subaru Forester ready to go! 

Team Barloworld Subaru 

EPIC Training Rides
As part of our training program we are planning some epic training rides in February at Sabie Mpumalanga and in March at Langebaan on the Cape West Coast. It is a great opportunity to do some back to back riding and meet some other epic riders. more details...

You Guys Rock.......
Hey thanks for visiting our site, we hope you enjoy. Special thanks to Kevin Vermaak  who created The Cape Epic. Kevin surfed over to our site recently and had this to say:

You Guys Rock....

Thanks for creating such a great site(s)!
Your site about the Epic is almost more informative than ours!
Thanks for making the effort – good luck in the training!


Barloworld Subaru Sponsorship
Team Plan A - LIVE2RIDE finally got a great sponsorship from Barloworld Subaru. This means that our team name changes to reflect our new sponsor Team Barloworld Subaru. This sponsorship has allowed us to enter the Cape Epic once again, and experience this amazing race for a second time. We were very happy with our first attempt at The Cape Epic 2005. We plan to follow almost an identical training plan to last year seeing as it worked really well for us. Knowing what to expect and with last years miles in our legs we will be hoping to improve on our last results. This year however will provide a new challenge as we now live far apart and will be training apart. This will be interesting as we attempt to do the same training and keep track of each others progress. 

The Cape Epic 2006
The Magical and Untamed Mountain Bike Race The Cape Epic 2006 is happening again and we are going to be in it. A 900km 8 day mountain bike race from Knysna to Cape Town. This is the ultimate mountain bike race in South Africa.  

The Cape Epic takes place every year in April. It starts in the beautiful Garden Route town of Knysna and finishes eight days later in style at the grand Spier Wine Estate, just outside Cape Town. The route changes every year, and leads aspiring amateur and professional mountain bikers from around the world through approximately 900 kilometres of the unspoilt nature of the Western Cape and across some of the most magnificent passes in South Africa.

The Cape Epic is possibly the Holy Grail of Mountain biking. 900 like-minded enthusiasts in the same place for eight unbelievable days of back to back racing. Some are there to win, some are there to survive to the end. Regardless of your goals it is an experience of a lifetime. This unique event gives all riders the opportunity to ride some of the best off-road tracks in the world, together with the world’s best riders! 

Entries are limited to approximately 900 riders. In its third year now this race just keeps on getting better. Riders must enter in teams of two and teams must remain together at all times during the race. The finish is at 17h00 daily. At night, all riders and race crew sleep in the race villages and campsites that are set up prior to arrival and taken down immediately after the start each morning by the race crew. In Cape Town, during  the last stage, individual times are summed up to reveal the overall winners.

The Cape Epic is one of only 4 mountain bike stage races in the world; the others being the Trans Alp Challenge, Trans Rockies, Australia outback and the La Ruta de los Conquistadores Costa Rica. These are true endurance events that test mind, body and equipment. To participate in, experience and complete an event like this is a huge accomplishment in itself. 

Our main goal will again be to complete the race and share the experience with the other riders. After last years experience we realized that we could have gone a bit faster so If we feel good and are up to it we will try speeding up towards the middle of the race and attempt to finish in the top 100 teams.


Alan Profile

Age: 36 
Club: none
Bike: Raleigh RDS 9.0
Years cycling:  11
Years racing:  5 
Total Rac
es in 2004: 13
Best results:
6th overall - Neu
Bethesda 100km mountain bike race Oct-05
104th overall (67th in class) - Cape Epic 2005 (900km) Apr-05 
32nd overall - Giant's Castle MTB Challenge (75km) Apr-04 
17th overall - Nola Challenge (45km) Aug-03
26th category Forest to Falls Marathon (70km) Mar-04 
Ranked 21st sub vet Drifter 2004 series

Albert Profile

Age: 33
Club:  Cyclosport
Bike: Raleigh RDS 9.0 
Years cycling: 6 
Years racing: 4 
Total races in 2003: 17 
Recent results:
1st overall - Neu Bethesda 100km mountain bike race Oct-05
10th overall - 94.7 mountain bike challenge Nov-05
104th overall (67th in class) - Cape Epic 2005 
1st overall - Canon Rocks Clover Classic (65km) Dec-03.
2nd overall - Moratuwa Riemland Classic (50km) Apr-04 
36th overall - Giant's Castle MTB Challenge (75km) Apr-04.
15th overall- Magalies Monster (75km) May-04 
15th category - Walkerville (SA Marathon Champs) (75km) Jun-04
Ranked 6th sub vet Drifter 2004 series

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