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Mountain Biking in South Africa

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Crater Cruise 2005  
Why Subaru Sponsorship
Subaru committed to the outdoors 

Race Report

Read our day to day account of our ride in the Cape Epic 2006 race report 
Also checkout True Confessions of a Cape Epic Junkie, the story from our Subaru support crew.

Training & preparation

We will be running two Polar heart rate based training programs. The first a 12 hour 12 week program from October to end December and then a 15 hour 16 week program from Jan 2006 up to the EPIC.... read more...

Bikes & Equipment

This year we will both be on the same make of bike. After Albert's success with his RDS 9.0 last year we are both riding a Raleigh RDS 9.0 in 2006.... read more...

Video and photos

Click here for video downloads of our training races and other pics.

Cape Epic Pages

Check out links to our other Cape Epic pages for 2006 and 2007.

Cape Epic 2006 Video downloads and photos 
Official Race Photos

Download Video clips




Cape Epic Finishers

Cape Epic finisher Teams, WeaselDoo, Where's Pete, Subaru, Astra-nauts and Team Dodge
HPIM1372.JPG (272128 bytes) DSC01790.JPG (237907 bytes) DSC01800.JPG (291301 bytes) DSC01714.JPG (225695 bytes)
CT to Knysna bus Day 1 start Brake Pads! Hub service
DSC01813.JPG (278725 bytes) DSC01814.JPG (200143 bytes) HPIM1383.JPG (291609 bytes) DSC01832.JPG (308833 bytes)
Mosselbay finish Mosselbay camp Bike wash The Bro
DSC01859.JPG (282402 bytes) HPIM1385.JPG (289588 bytes) HPIM1388.JPG (338499 bytes) HPIM1390.JPG (400918 bytes)
Swellendam Early mornings Tent chaos Greyton


West Coast Cape Epic Training Camp
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day1.jpg (287617 bytes)
day2.jpg (245137 bytes)
day3.jpg (250171 bytes)  day4.jpg (222062 bytes)


Sabie Epic Training Ride
HPIM1281.JPG (223084 bytes) HPIM1282.JPG (336305 bytes) HPIM1284.JPG (322134 bytes) HPIM1285.JPG (273740 bytes)
Training Rides on the West Coast
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HPIM1274.JPG (256234 bytes)
HPIM1263.JPG (268775 bytes)
HPIM1259.JPG (252277 bytes)  HPIM1276.JPG (249403 bytes)


Crater Cruise

DSC01582.JPG (258624 bytes)
The Team
DSC01598.JPG (282128 bytes)
DSC01609.JPG (323706 bytes) Finish DSC01617.JPG (280656 bytes)




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