The the choice of mountain bike parts, gear and components in South Africa is huge. We can get any MTB, mountain bike parts, gear and components even with only being a few local bike manufacturers. Despite most  MTB brands being either American or European,  most mountain bike parts and gear, including frames are manufactured in China or Taiwan. These mountain bike brands then supply SA via local importers and distributors. The agents represent the major international mountain bike companies, and provide local knowledge and support for these bike brands. The growth  of mountain biking in SA has improved supply and number of locally manufactured mountain bike parts and gear  brands in South Africa. The majority manufacture cycle clothing, mtb gear and nutritional supplements. Then there are a few local bike brand manufacturers and mountain bike parts and gear suppliers.

mountain bike parts and gear

The best source for product information is the actual manufacturers websites. Most of the bike brands have comprehensive websites with detailed specification lists. Many of the mountain bike parts and gear manufacturers also have detailed information and manuals available. If you are looking for specific parts, go to the manufacturers website to find the local distributor. We have also listed the main local distributors and their associated bike brands.

Our MTB reviews cover mountain bike parts and gear  reviews on bikes and components including forks, brakes, suspension, wheels, tyres and gears. These reviews are a combination of our own experiences, industry and fellow mountain biker reviews. Most of the equipment we  review is our own paid with  hard earned cash. So we tell it like it is good or bad.

South African Mountain Bike Bikes and Parts

PYGA Industries
The Pyga brand was started by Patrick Morewood, the original creator of Morewood bikes. PYGA Mountainbikes is now a household name in the mountain biking community of South Africa, well known for their build quality, suspension design and progressive geometry of their marathon race bikes and enduro bikes.

Squirt Lube
Bikeinvention is a corporation that has developed a new wax chain lubricant with unique properties called Squirt. The lubricating properties of this emulsion are excellent.

Momsen bikes is an SA bike company. Created, designed and refined in South Africa, MOMSEN BIKES represent the culmination of experience and knowledge gained from designing bikes for over 15 years ( for some of their competitors ).

Morewood Bikes
– the bikes that downhill built_
One of the first and only mountain bike manufacturer in SA. The Morewood workshop’s nestled in the little city of Pietermartizburg in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. It’s the perfect place to build bikes, because this part of the country’s got more trails than you can shake a stick at, which means we’re never at a loose end for test tracks.

BATSEAL is a magical white liquid latex sealant that protects wheels from flats. This 100% South African product uses RST, Rapid Seal Technology, so punctures will seal faster with less sealant.