Mountain Bike For Sale – Buying a used mountain bike or second hand MTB

mountain bike for sale

To find a mountain bike for sale consider buying a used mountain bike or a second hand MTB. Buying a second hand mountain bike is a good option to get a higher spec bike at a lower cost. Although more time consuming and more effort, there are some great bargains to be had. Often used bikes have not been ridden a lot and are in great condition, these are the gems. Many people buy bikes with great riding ambitions that never materialise. The mountain bike buyers guide gives some tips on how to buy a mountain bike. This same guide can be used for buying a used mountain bike.

Buying a Used Mountain Bike

There are a few important questions to ask and things to look out for on second hand bikes. First of all find out what year model the bike is so that the correct age can be determined. This will also give an opportunity to check the original spec and cost of the bike when new. Question the seller about how it was used, how often ridden and how many races and events. Compare this to the bikes age and the activity of the seller and see if it all fits together. Ask about how the bike was looked after and serviced and any upgrades. The biggest risk in buying a used bike is that the frame warranty is typically not transferred from the original owner. So it is important to check the frame for any scratches or dents or cracks that will be a problem. If it is an expensive bike then get a reference from the bike shop where it was serviced last. If not consider having your local bike shop check it out if possible.

Where to Buy a Second hand MTB

Second hand mountain bikes lose more than half their value is just a couple of years. There are many bikes available so prices should be good. Look around and be patient, some sellers stick to their high prices, but others are reasonable and happy to move the bike on. There are many mountain bikes for sale on the online selling platforms like Gumtree and Junkmail. There are some good bargains to be had here, but it is also a bit more risky as the sellers and buyers are unknown.  A more secure environment is on facebook or whatsapp groups or online forums like Bikehub. There are also dedicated second hand bike businesses that specialise in used bikes like Bikebay and Bike Market. Another option is ask at your local bike shop as they will have customers upgrading or changing bikes and needing to sell. Buying and selling bikes between friends and club mates is also very common as you often have first hand experience of how the bike was cared for.

Mountain Bike for Sale

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